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Episode Choose Your Story Cheats - Gems and Passes Now Available on iOS & Android!

Hey friends, do you love to read exciting fiction stories? You will love this new Free Story Writing Simulation Game! Episode - Choose Your Story is fun interactive story simulation where you can live out some of your wildest fantasies by choosing how the story flows. You can be a character in your favorite story and chose from over 100.000 stories with countless choices to make. There are many different genres, such as love, romance, adventure and drama. You can even publish your own stories for millions of others to read! Everything is customizable from your avatar and outfit to relationships with other characters. You choose whether they will be friends, enemies or lovers! Change the fate of your character through the choices and discover many different endings. In this world, options are endless for customization of your own story. If you want to reveal all of the exciting and intriguing endings in the stories, you will need a lot of in-game passes and gems. You can buy them with real money or you can use our Episode Choose Your Story hack to get free passes and gems.

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Do you want to know how to use our Episode Choose Your Own Story cheat tool? Well, it is pretty straight forward and simple. First, you will need to visit our website. There you will have a list of tasks that you need to complete before you can harvest your free gems and passes. You will gather points by downloading and trying out various apps from our partners and sponsors. You can exchange your collected points for free in-game gems and passes in our cheat interface. You can use it on every platform because this Episode Choose Your Own Story hack is working both on iOS and Android devices. Our experienced developers made sure you get your free passes for Episode fast and secure. For more details, just watch our video tutorial that shows the exact step-by-step method.

How many Gems & Passes Can I Get?

With gems and passes you can have unlimited endings and choose your own story characters and locations in the Episode application, so let's simplify it and see what the best options to get those free coins are. If you are asking us how many gems and passes will you get with this method? We developed the best Episode Choose Your Own Story hack that uses optimized system for earning bonus points. Our Episode Choose Your Own Story generator is capable of providing you 1500 gems and 50 passes for every completed task. You will have enough money to explore the world of fictional stories forever!

Episode Choose Your Story History

Episode Choose Your Own Story is an interactive story simulation app produced by Pocket Games and published by company called Episode Interactive. It was released for the iOS and Android devices. It was released globally on February 14 2014. It has over 150 million installs on all platforms. This game is a free-to-play storytelling network and platform that allows you to read or create interactive stories from your mobile device. There have been over 4.4 billion episodes viewed on Episode so far, adding up to over 76,000 years of combined viewing time. It’s Content Rating is PEGI 12 because of Moderate Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Horror and Mild Swearing. Episode features four three types of stories: User generated, In-house originals and IP licensed (studio and celebrity). Some notable IP stories include Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, Pretty Little Liars, Clueless, Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble, Cameron Dallas: It Started With a Lie, and Falling For the Dolan Twins. Great graphical representations will keep you entertained while story twists will make you lose your mind. If you don't want to spend money on this game passes and gems, you can just use our tool to hack Episode Choose Your Own Story.

Stories and Characters

There are couple of elements when playing this game and going through the stories. Stories are divided into Episodes. Episodes are the name of the many chapters that go into creating thousands of stories on the app, Episode Interactive - Choose Your Story. There are currently about 120,000 stories and counting that hold a variety of numbers of episodes. Script writing is the main part of any Episode Interactive story. It influences how the characters can act, talk, and generally how the story moves. It has simple commands which you must type into your script in order for characters to do certain dialogue and actions in your story. There is a script-writing tutorial on the Writer's Portal online and an in-game guide. The characters in a story can perform basic animations to make the story visually interesting and this helps the characters look and act more realistic. In order to make a character do a short animation while delivering a line, the script you would write in would be like: LAURA (talk_greet) Hey Albert!

About Game Modes

Passes are a notable game feature and are used to better read stories on Episode. They are available in different packages with an in-app purchase instantly, three free passes every 4 hours, or with a user code found within the app. Eventually, you can always hack free passes. In the early version of Episode Choose Your Story, passes were available separately on individual stories. While you are waiting for more passes for Campus Crush, you could play through Real Hollywood if you had passes on it. In the recent updates, all passes are shared through stories, and you can only play one at a time before waiting, unless purchasing them in-game with real money or using cheats. Let us see some characters that you can use in your stories. The Protagonist is, as the name implies, the main character of the college story series, Campus Crush. She is Angie's roommate. The protagonist is unnamed and must be named by the player from a series of names listed in the Classic version of this story. She is destined to join one of the three top sororities of Lockwood University: Eta, Upsilon, and Omnicron. Due to the new ink update that Episode has provided for readers and Episode writers alike, the player can name their character any name they want due to the option of typing in the name itself as well as creating an entire new look for the Protagonist. An Antagonist is a person who opposes the Protagonist, they are usually evil, bad or the opposite of the Protagonist. Sometimes, they are just bad towards the protagonist and nicer to everyone else. One notable Antagonist is Prissy. Prissy, or Pissy Prissy by her friends and the campus, is the antagonist of The Party. She is the Student Representative of the Eta House. Prissy is fan-dubbed as Episodes version of Regina George. In that saying, Prissy is technically the Queen Bee (implied by Karen) of campus. Her attitude is very sour and rude as she mostly approaches people with insults and feels like she is the boss. Like the Protagonist, she isn't afraid to speak her mind, but she is indeed a rebel. There are only few times when she is understanding and polite.